Project Centric and Client Specific- This is what drives us and is the foundation of every service we deliver. Risk Management, Operational Capability, Growth, and Quality are vital aspects in the residential mortgage industry today. The KLR Group is experienced and specifically designed to bring a higher level of customer service and range of capabilities to companies desiring flexible solutions, excellence, and dependability across every type of mortgage file service. Utilizing a unique methodology, The KLR Group will spend the time to fully understand your goals and objectives and develop a solution to match those specific needs – no two needs and solutions are alike and can consist of any combination of services addressing: compliance, pre-funding, post close, targeted audit, specific regulatory aspects, performance audit


The KLR Group has managed individual review projects, freeing our staff to focus on core activities.

With the help of The KLR Group our quality process improvement has delivered real results!

KLR was instrumental in our growth goal achievement.



Extensive Background and Experience in the Industry

Is at the core of driving success, having worked for top National and Global companies as well as experience with clients that includes top banks, non-banks, lenders, servicers and investors.


Knowledge – Logic – Results

To deliver a fully successful service, The KLR Group has sourced and partnered with the resources necessary to provide our clients the range services that fit their needs in the manner that fits their model. The unique methodology & full capability approach delivers a “large client” level of attention, service and benefits regardless of your size. The KLR Group delivers results, expertise and customer service, working on your behalf as an ally and true partner. Call us today to discuss your company’s goals and objectives, we may be able to help.