Unrivaled Expertise: We Know the Mortgage Industry Better than Anyone

We deliver services that fulfill unique, project based client needs. Having worked for (employee and client) the top lenders, investors and service providers in the residential mortgage industry, The KLR Team utilizes a unique set of experiences and capabilities when developing and delivering services to meet client specific needs. An unwavering attention to detail, quality and client requirements combined with a unique on demand delivery methodology (see building a solution) consistently drives quality, performance, and sustainable improvement.

Just a few clients and companies our individual team members have worked for prior to The KLR Group:

Citi Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Deutsche Bank Allianz
Wells Fargo Morgan Stanley VRM Dunn & Bradstreet
BB&T Goldman Sachs PCV Murcor PWC
Fannie UBS Third Bridge Fifth Third Bank

Industry Segment Experience:





Risk Management

Trading Desk



Deal Management


Through years of watching companies grapple to find successful profitable growth strategies while managing operations to support that strategy, focused on developing optimal organizations and processes, The KLR Group was built to be a “Concierge” of services. Supporting single project and one-off needs is our specialty.

Experience – Our team’s extensive background and experience in the industry is at the core of driving success, having worked for top National and Global companies as well as experience with clients that includes: Top banks, non-banks, lenders, servicers and investors.

The KLR Team has experience in a wide range of business models and types- What we have learned is that even within a single industry, each company (Client!) is different. Taking the time to ask questions, even the obvious ones, results in a better knowledge of how to deliver a better service and address client specific Goals and Objectives.

We know our business well and have the ability to deliver better than anyone.

Knowledge – Logic – Results.